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Overload download
Overload download

Welcome to Overload! This is an original and addictive computer board game that's fun for everyone. Play against the computer or other players across the Internet or local network.

Overload is a brand-new turn-based logical game for two players on a board. It is possible to play two humans or computer versus human. Two people can play on the same computer or via network. The major feature of this logic game is great instability of the game situation. Nobody can be absolutely sure that his situation is the best. The situation changes very dynamically.

Basic Game Rules

The game board size is 9x6 cells. The opponents make their moves by turns. You can occupy any cell not occupied by the opponent's pieces. On one cell it is possible to contain up to 4 pieces. When the number of pieces in a cell reaches 4, the cell "blows up" - 4 pieces are scattered on 4 cells, located contiguously to the "blown up" one. If these cells contain the pieces of the opponent, they change ownership to the player who has made the explosion. If before the explosion in any of these cells there was 3 pieces, the adding of the 4th piece causes it to also blow up. Setting off chain reactions like this is a major part of this game. To win you must remove from a field all pieces of the opponent.

Game Features

  • Original game rules
  • 7 exciting levels with different rules
  • Awesome opponent artificial intelligence
  • Play against computer AI or human
  • Network game
  • Demonstration mode
Demo Version (0.5 Mb) Full Version for only $12.00
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